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Innovation In Progress

At Solace, our journey is one of continuous innovation in wellness technology. We’re not just creating sauna heaters; we’re redefining them. Our team is currently in the advanced stages of developing a groundbreaking line of sauna heaters and controllers. Infused with our hallmark commitment to excellence, these heaters are being designed to redefine industry standards and enhance your sauna experience like never before.

Your Needs, Our Commitment

We understand that your journey towards the perfect sauna shouldn’t have to wait. As we put the finishing touches on our proprietary heaters, we’re here to support your current wellness needs. To bridge this gap, we’ve established partnerships with leading brands to bring you their trusted and high-quality sauna products. Whether you’re in the midst of building your dream sauna or seeking the right heaters and controllers, our carefully selected range from the industry’s finest is here to meet and exceed your expectations.

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