Bespoke Saunas by Solace

Crafting Luxury Saunas to Your Exact Specifications

Tailored To Your Vision

Not every wellness journey fits a mold, and neither should your sauna. If our stock models don’t align with your unique vision, Solace is here to craft a sauna that does.

A Dedicated Team at Your Service

While we perfect our proprietary heaters, we understand that your sauna journey may be already underway. To ensure you’re not left waiting, we’ve partnered with renowned brands to offer their trusted products. If you’re embarking on your own sauna build and require heaters or controllers, we have a curated selection from the industry’s best to meet your needs.

The Solace Standard

Even in customization, we never compromise on quality. Your bespoke sauna will be built to the same exacting Solace standards that define all our products. From the choice of timber to the heating technology, expect nothing but the best

With Solace, Your Dream Sauna Awaits

Crafting Your Bespoke Sauna: A Personalised Journey

Four Simple Steps to Realising Your Custom Sauna Dream


Connect with our wellness consultant to finalise your plans and get a quote.


Place order and we start production offsite.


We install and fit your new sauna onsite.


Step into a new era of wellness with Solace.

Start Designing Your Bespoke Sauna

Connect with Our Experts to Bring Your Vision to Life