Solace Bespoke Ice Bath

Creating Ice Baths as Unique as Your Wellness Needs

Crafting Your Vision of Ice Bath Elegance

Immerse yourself in the transcendent realm of rejuvenation and revitalization with our bespoke ice bath services. As industry pacesetters, we bring your frosty dreams to life, employing a devoted and highly skilled team of engineers, designers, and architects to conceive, design, and actualize the optimal ice bath experience, exclusively tailored to your specific needs. Through our expert use of a wide array of materials, we shape your most audacious design aspirations into tangible reality.

Our proficient team engages closely with you throughout the design and building process, ensuring that every detail perfectly resonates with your vision. From the preliminary concept sketches to the final product installation, we manage each phase with meticulous precision and care, assuring you of an impeccable, custom-made ice bath. Specialising solely in the domain of luxury wellness solutions, we are committed to creating high-quality, unparalleled experiences. Confide in our expertise and unwavering passion for excellence, and dive into the sumptuous world of personalized ice bath luxury.

Your Custom Ice Bath Journey

Four Steps to Realise Your Unique Cold Therapy Vision


Connect with our wellness consultant to finalise your plans and get a quote.


Place order and we start production offsite.


We install and fit your new sauna onsite.


Step into a new era of wellness with Solace.

Begin Creating Your Bespoke Ice Bath

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